Best Dress Reader of the Day

Hi!    So today I got chosen by Teen Vogue Magazine to be Best Dress Reader of the Day! The picture that they posted was from one of my Jess’s Fall look book that I did a few posts ago. … Continue reading

Cat eyes and Coffee

Happy Thursday!  Today is the second day I am here in Mexico. So far I am loving it here! From meeting new people, exploring, and of course food. My outfit of the morning is more of a casual style. To … Continue reading

#BTSS Video Fun

Hey Guys!  As I announced before, I am one of the Teen Vogue’s Back-to-School Saturday Brand Ambassadors (mouthful). Which means my job is to promote and get the word out there of this amazing event!  Just a reminder it is … Continue reading

School is Around the Corner #BTSS

Hello, Time to bust out the backpacks, school supplies, dorm accessories, and other things because yes the school year is upon us! It is that time of the year again, stocking up on your back-to-school necessities. Like finding new clothes … Continue reading