” Life is an adventure, Might as well take note of it.” 

Hello, my name is Jessica and I am the creator of It’s Jess blog.


I am from the windy city Chicago, Illinois. I have learned and gotten inspired by this wonderful state by many places and people from here. This goes from getting my inspiration to pursue fashion or to my curiosity of all music. I am a huge traveler as well! I travel a lot so leaving my “comfort zone”, and being exposed to different cultures is a great source to stimulate in fashion. For instance, people-watching in Costa Rica or the environment in Mexico.

All throughout my life I went to private school, so I always wore a uniform. For a fashionista, I always try to push the envelope and wore accessories that make myself stand out. Therefore after high school and went to college; I decided to out dress myself everyday with the freedom to wear what I feel and want.

I am currently studying Apparel Merchandising and Design with a minor in Advertising. Getting my Bachelors, Masters in the long run, with a job in a Magazine or working for a designer. I have some experience in assisting a costume seamstress with picking out fabric, and coming up with cultivating ideas/designs for garments.

Also, I am a music junkie. I enjoy looking for new music or underground bands to listen to. The music genre that I listen to can go all the way to classical, country, alternative, pop, and anything with a beat. So I always go to music concerts and festivals as much as I can. What I do is recording performance; meet with bands and of course jamming out.


This blog is to give people insight on what is going on in fashion. From what is in style, who is wearing what, and anything that touches the term “fashion”. The fashion world is always moving, and I am learning so much about myself. Along about learning about fashion everyday. My goal with this blog is to give people a whole new perspective on things from clothing to lifestyle. So then they can really enjoy what life has to offer. From artists creative minds that make their mark. I hope to share my insight, fashion, music, opinions, anything you want to talk about.

Enjoy It’s Jess


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! My name is KaLeena and I write the blog live chicly. I wanted to let you know I’ve been following your blog and nominated you for a Liebster award (I was just nominated by Midge in Manhattan)! Check out the “Nominated” post with details at livechicly.net for answering the questions and passing the Liebster along!


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