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Hello There,

The layers are slowly bundling up and the tanks are being pushed back into the closets. Now the open toe shoes were a thing of the past and BOOTS are in.

Here at my university, the weather is cold that I almost forgot how my feet look like based on just wearing boots everyday.Then of course grabbing a coffee to warm up my day.


Lets Talk Shoes…

The one thing I do love about cold weather is that I can finally wear everyday are my combat boots! Since the age of 15, I have been wearing combat boots from either thrifted to my new Asos boots. Combat boots can make any outfit in my opinion from edgy, hipster, preppy, or just a casual lazy day outfit. You can play with them anyway you want to show your style.

Combat boot Styles:

Tight Up– Tie the laces all the way to the last shoelace hole

Loosey Goosey– Loosen the laces and let the strings hang

No Lace– Pretty much too cool for laces

Wrap around– Tie the laces only half way up the lace holes of the shoe then wrapping them around the shoe until you have no room.. Follow by tightening into a bow.

Flap it down– The tongue of the boot is slumped down. I like to call it a “I don’t care look”.

Boots Says a Thousand Words

Another great thing about combat boots is that there are SO many styles of boots from classic black leather to bright pink. Then they are available in short, medium cut, and knee-length. Plus you can add some fun socks like thick wool socks that have some color to add pop. I also wear my combat boots with tights and a dress if I am feeling fancy.


Places to find your pair of combats:

ANYWHERE. Since these boots have been in style for a long time most brands and stores offer them like Target, Steve Madden, Nordstrom, Asos, and more.

Overall, if you want to edge up your still for the coming cold wear some combat boots and style them to fit your personality.

Warning: Once you wear a pair of combat boots, you can’t stop loving them! 

Outfit Details 

Here is how I styled my combat boots today. I wore a boyfriend stripped button up from  Forever 21 that I go in New York a few weeks ago with a pair of Jolt dark wash jeans. For accessories, I am wearing a spiked rhinestoned necklace from Akira Chicago and a belt ring from Forever 21. I am wearing my medium length Asos black leather boots and tied them in the “wrap around” style.



Button Up- Forever 21

Button Up- Forever 21

Skinny Jeans- Jolt

Skinny Jeans- Jolt


Shoes- Asos

Shoes- Asos


Necklace- Akira Chicago

Necklace- Akira Chicago

Ring- Forever 21

Ring- Forever 21


Random Pictures of the Rest of My Day




Strut off your shoe sawg around campus or wherever you are! What are you excited about dressing up for cold weather? Or how do you wear your combat boots?

Also use the Asos Hashtag if you are wearing anything Asos with your personal style #AsosOnCampus #AsosIAState

Comment Below and We can Discuss 



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