Slouch of the Wedensdays

Happy Wednesday,

Well all know it is  Hump Day…..

The day that is the half way mark towards the weekend!

Jess’s Wednesdays

Usually the way I dress of  Wednesday is wearing more of a layback look to ease into the week. This is correlated with a comfy cardigan (given) and jeans. Especially since here in Iowa it is Freezing that I feel like it is already winter! Clothing that is easy to walk in base on most of my classes are far away from each other. Then having my signature combat boots to seal the deal!

Spice it up

Even though I do not dress up as much on Wednesdays , I still want to make the day the best it can. So to mix things up I add either add an accessory or clothing that is either new or I do not normally wear to excite the day.

For instance, in this particular outfit I am wearing my new Urban Outfitter’s necklace that I cannot get over how exquisite it is. From the steal color and the art geometric shapes that it incorporates. I can also wear this statement piece in a more formal attire as well. Which you will soon see in future posts.

Wednesday Wear 


Top- Forever 21

Top- Forever 21

Cardigan- Forever 21

Cardigan- Forever 21



Shoes- Urban Outfitters

Shoes- Urban Outfitters

Necklace- Urban Outfitters

Necklace- Urban Outfitters


Earrings- Forever 21

Earrings- Forever 21




Do you have specific dress days you dress up or down for? As in Fancy friday or Lazy Monday? 

Comment Below!

Seek Peek of a special 3 part post soon to come of my experience at Teen Vogue University.




2 thoughts on “Slouch of the Wedensdays

  1. Hello, I’m Valencia, the community manager of WhatIWear. I checked out your blog, and I think your style is awesome! It should be seen by more people! That’s why I’d like to invite you to WhaIWear. With 1,5 million page views a month, WhatIWear is the leading street style website in Asia. Plus, we’re still growing, so it’s perfect for rising fashionistas to have their chance to SHINE at the spotlight. (www[dot]whatiwear[dot]com)

    • Hello Valencia! Thank you so much for the complement.Also, I would love to accept to be apart of WhatIWear. It would be a great opportunity to be in. Please email me if you would like to follow up. – Jess

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