Berry Twill


How does one look casual but still have that bit of classiness? 

Some people would either add a simple blazer to step up their outfit or a simple pair of heels. As for me I decided to wear my tweed black and white jacket that I got in Mexico over the summer. The jacket reminds me of Gossip Girl where Blaire Waldorf wore her tweed jackets to add a little style to their uniforms back in the day.

Side Note – Who is still withdrawing from Gossip Girl not being on air anymore.. I sure am


The Casual Side

One can never go wrong with a simple white sheer sleeveless top tucked into a midi skirt. Especially when the top has added detailing that has accents of gold studs. For instance this sleeveless top I am wearing is from  Forever 21. The great feature about this top is that it can be worn for both summer and fall ( layering).

Then my midi skirt that I got from Asos adds a mixture of color so my outfit would not look so black and white. The skirt is jersey which adds comfort. Also, the midi trend is in full effect for the Autumn weather. I love this new style of skirt because when there are those days of not too cold or hot how does one dress? That is a question I ask myself everyday, but then that is where the midi skirt comes in! It answers my unsolved question because I can literally pair any top with it fall or summer and in my opinion it would suit perfectly.


Now Lets Talk about Shoes

For this outfit I pushed the envelope a little based on comfort. I am wearing my black TOMS with this outfit. Now you can match any type of shoes with this either ankle boots, fancy sandals, heels, even just a pair of casual sneakers like Vans. Keep in mind though I do not suggest pairing tall boots with this outfit. Or else it will just be too overwhelming on layering.



With this outfit I made my accessorize do all the classy talk. I wore a Ted Baker bow bangle that I got at Nordstrom Rack to accentuate the gold studds on my Forever21 top with the gold bows. Plus, I think the bangle is interesting on the turquoise color and shape. Then I layered some rings that are from PacSun. Following that I have on some classic simple Audrey Hepburn pearl earrings that I go at Nordstrom Juniors department.

Twill Me This 

I finally had a great opportunity to wear my new twill sports jacket that I got over the summer in Mexico from a store called Pull and Bear. As I was going to a career meeting on campus. This could is a pure example of classy and very fifth ave ( I like to think). I felt as if I should have gone and had tea with the Queen based on how elegant I felt! The detailing of the coat is exquisite that you can definitely tell that the beading on the shoulders were sown by hand. The jacket was very comfortable and not stiff at all. Then there was so much detailing not only in the beading but the stitching of the sleeves and the sides.

I suggest that everyone should own a their version of fancy jacket or any clothing that makes them feel like a million dollars. You feel like a whole new person as in your chin is up a little more, feeling fresh, and just want everyone to notice how awesome you look.


Berry Twill Outfit 


Berry Skirt- Asos

Berry Skirt- Asos

Twill Jacket- Pull and Bear

Twill Jacket- Pull and Bear


Bangle- Ted Baker

Bangle- Ted Baker


Rings- PacSun Rings- PacSun


Earrings- Charming Charlie

Earrings- Charming Charlie


How do you mix casual and classy into your personal wardrobe? Also, what do think about the midi skirt trend is that a must have for your fall closet?

Then if you are wearing something Asos do not forget to post your stylish outfit and incorporate the hashtages #asosiastate #asosoncampus

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