Best Dress Reader of the Day



So today I got chosen by Teen Vogue Magazine to be Best Dress Reader of the Day!

The picture that they posted was from one of my Jess’s Fall look book that I did a few posts ago. Either way it is a huge thing for myself being in TEEN VOGUE. 

Here is the link to the Best Dress Reader of the Day Page with myself on it: Best Dress Reader of the Day


What is Best Dress Reader of the Day? 

It is where Teen Vogue fans post their favorite look, describe why they choose it, and how it represents their personal style. Then from there the Teen Vogue team will choose their favorite and post it on their website, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook Page. I am truly honored to be a Best Dress Reader of the Day based on how many times I have sent in my outfit for the past years. Now I can officially cross it off my achievement list!

Amazement and Appreciation 

Just being considered for Best Dressed Reader was an accomplishment in itself. Also, since my blog was mentioned in the Teen Vogue page I got over 1,000 views of my blog in a couple of hours! Which is pretty a big deal for me for being the new kid on the block in the blog world. Then having people compliment my outfit and liking my style on the Teen Vogue Facebook page  was pretty awesome to say the least.

So I just want on give a thank you to my blog readers for viewing my small blog!

The Best Dress Outfit 

It was a collared stripped shirt form Nordstrom Rack paired with a black skater skirt from Urban Outfitters. Then I accessorized it with a gold and black Juicy Couture bangle then a funky cartoon wristlet by Betsey Johnson. For shoes I wore my little black heels from Nordstrom.

Here is the link to the post that incorporated the Teen Vogue Best Dress Choice Outfit : Preview for Fall



IMG_5622 IMG_5623


Pin Me!!

Pin Me!!

Make sure to check out the Teen Vogue website and see what catches your eye! From beauty, Fashion, or lifestyle. Then of course check up on the new issue of Teen Vogue!



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