Maia is Her Name


Recently my best friend/roommate wrote an article for Her Campus about her experience rushing as a sophomore!

Here is the Link, Check it Out !

Recruitment as a Sophomore

What is Her Campus? 


It is the number one online community for college women. Basically it is written by more than 3,000 contributes that are in college! This site provides posts about lifestyle, how tos, campus cuties, and a whole lot more. I recommend checking this site out if you are a wondrous college girl like me who likes to see what social hype is going on in colleges! Their mission is to cultivate an active community of female college students and try to solve their concerns. Also, it connects marketers with a demographic of college students both online and off.

Here is there site and see if there is a Her Campus Chapter at your University.

Her Campus Info

Who is Maia? 


She is an Iowa native with an amazing personality and a style to match it. Maia is a second year student majoring in Apparel Merchandising. She is also a very active student when it comes to getting involved in clubs as in Marel Captain for Dance Marathon, Multicultural Mentor, Freshmen Council Publicity Co-Chair, and Risk Management Chair for a hip hop club called DubH. Then of course she is a new member of the Gamma Phi Beta chapter.

Her Style

Her style in one word would probably be “Sassy”.  Maia is the kind of creative mind that has a unique look that keeps people in awe. Not to mention she has an undercut that makes her cutting edge style one of a kind. In detail she is a bold, print, edgy, classy, and jewelry aspiring entertainment stylist. Maia is also launching a blog soon that will feature posts about fashion, music, and everything in between. Plus she is an ice cream lover as in Benny and Jerrys follows her on Twitter (her founding achievement)  and who doesn’t love ice cream! 


IMG_5479 IMG_5478

Recruitment as a Sophomore

Maia Info

What do you think of her post?! Also, if you had to describe your personal style in one work what would it be? 

Comment below and We Can Discuss 



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