ThrowBack Denim


Since today is Thursday, I decided to take the challenge of bring back the denim style. 

Overalls, denim skirts, and boyfriend jeans are all taking the fashion world by storm by bringing back retro. Retail stores like Gap to TopShop caught on to the trend and started selling denim clothing from overalls to skater denim skirts. Also there are many celebrities that have been taken photos wearing their denim in their own style like Rihanna, Mila Kunis, and Jessica Alba.


Back in the Good Old Days 

I remember when I was younger and I wore my dark wash Tommy Hilfiger overall shorts almost everyday. Mostly based on the comfort of wearing something that was not a dress and I could wear my baseball tees with.. I was at my tomboy stage during that time so wearing an overall skirt was a big thing for me!


Denim Outfit

Today’s outfit I took the throwback denim challenge by wearing my skater skirt from Akira Chicago. This dark wash denim skirt is very comfortable  and has a small zipper on the back which is convenient.  Then I paired the skirt with a  light coral flow top that I got from a local boutique by my university called Portabella Road. The interesting part about the top is that there is a big loose pocket on the side which adds a little texture to a simple top. For shoes, I thought I would use my go to Nordstrom rack silver flats that would mix up the throwback look. The reason is that it adds more of a modern take into the outfit instead of  just all “retro”. As for accessories, I wore my vintage watch with a long gold chain necklace that I got at PacSun. I also layered some rings that I got with my PacSun purchase with the necklace.

P.S. PacSun has a great deal going on of buying one jewelry and getting another jewelry half off. 

ThrowBack Denim Outfit IMG_5140

Top- Bobi Brand but I got it from Portabella Road

Top- Bobi Brand but I got it from Portabella Road


Skirt- Akira Chicago

Skirt- Akira Chicago




Necklace- PacSun

Necklace- PacSun


Watch- Vintage

Watch- Vintage

Rings- PacSun

Rings- PacSun


Earrings- Forever 21

Earrings- Forever 21

Shoes- Nordstrom Rack

Shoes- Nordstrom Rack


I challenge you to find something that you would consider a Throwback Look and see how you can modernize it with you style. This can either be the “denim look” or something else!

Comment Below and We Can Discuss


Photo credit of the Rihanna Picture-


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