The Benefits of Benefit

Happy Tuesday

During this wonderful three-day weekend I decided to spend time back at home and do a little shopping. Based on all great deals going on this weekend from different stores.

Today I stopped by Macy’s at their beauty department to restock on my makeup and beauty products.


The first stop was at Benefit Cosmetics! 


If some of you may not know about the wonderful Benefit Cosmetics.. Well it is known for its quick fix beauty products and humorous designs on their products. The brand launched in 1976 by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford. Benefit is based in San Francisco, California but you can find the beauty boutique around the globe in 30 countries. Some other products that Benefit Cosmetics offers is make up of course, perfume, blemish treatment, and more!  Anything you need in beauty…Benefit knows what is the right quick fix for you.




“Laughter is the Best Cosmetic, So Grin and Wear it!”

Jean & Jane 

Brow Bar

Benefit is recently known for their Brow Bar Station at different locations. Which I had the privilege to have my eyebrows done before heading back to school. It was such an amazing experience based on just getting the usual eyebrow waxing or threading.  The reason why is that they shape your brows, primp, and tweeze/wax using their own brow products. As well as you are able to buy the products they use so you can fill in your brows like the professional did! Benefit did such a great job with my brows because usually when I tweeze my brows it looks like my brows are uneven! So having a professional taking time to fix my dilemma and give me tips was just what I needed.

Benefit  also provides different services from Brow Tinting, Lashes, Brow Arch, Fascial Waxing, and Body Waxing.








Thank You Benefit!

Here is my Out of the Day while spending time at Macy’s with Benefit Cosmetics 

The style that I was trying to aim was very casual but little bit of edge into the mix. Since my skirt from Akira was very detailed, I wanted to keep my top simple. That is why I thought the purple crop top from American Apparel would be suited for this outfit just because it so it would not take away from the skirt. Not to mention the top is very comfortable! Then I added my gold spike necklace from Urban Outfitters to spice up my outfit and some studded round creme earrings from Charming Charlie. For rings I have been addicted with my mom’s ring and the ivory ring that I got from Mexico! So here are my staple rings again! Finally, I paired my outfit with my white and gold sandals from Nordstrom Rack. 


Top- Crop Top Tee from American Apparel

Top- Crop Top Tee from American Apparel

Skirt- Akira Chicago

Skirt- Akira Chicago

Shoes- Nordstrom Rack

Shoes- Nordstrom Rack

Necklace- Urban Outfitters

Necklace- Urban Outfitters

Rings- (left) Mom's jewlery box and (right) Flea Market in Mexico

Rings- (left) Mom’s jewlery box and (right) Flea Market in Mexico

Earrings- Charming Charlie

Earrings- Charming Charlie


IMG_5007 IMG_5006


Benefit Cosmetics favorited my Instagram post of when I was at their Brow Bar!

Benefit Cosmetics favorited my Instagram post of when I was at their Brow Bar!

If you are not familiar with the brand Benefit then I suggest to check it out and see what appeals to you! Also, try out their brow bar if you come across it.. I believe the Brow Bar is a great fix up if you are a bad tweezer like me! 

Here is Benefit Cosmetics Link 

Benefit Cosmetics Page



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