Big News


I have very important news to share to all of my wonderful readers!

I recently found out that I got the position to be apart of the Asos team to be a college representative for my university!


What is Asos? 

Asos is one of the largest United Kingdom online shopping website that is known throughout the globe. Where they sell merchandise for men and women. Asos has designer brands from clothing, accessories, and shoes. Some of the brands that the website provides is Dollhouse, Mango, ASOS brand, Levis, and the list goes on! Plus, Asos has such a wide selection of styles that can fit anyones personality. They also provide clothing for Petite and Plus size. One of my personal favorites about this site is that you are able to save a garment that you like for a later time when you want to buy it. Which is very convenient for a budget saving college student like me! There size chart is very detailed, so you are able to find your perfect size when you are shopping online.

They also have a YouTube channel with videos of interviews/how to’s with designers, musicians, stylists, and a ton more!

Here is a link to the site and see what cool merchandise you can find!

Asos Website

Plus an interview with one of my favorite bands Two Door Cinema Club.

College Rep/Brand Ambassador

The purpose of my job is to promote the wonderful brand throughout my campus. Either by hosting events, give aways, or any fun ways to get the Asos name out there to reach a larger target market. Also I promote the brand through different social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course It’s Jess. There are two other representatives from my university which so happens to be two of my best friends! So this journey is going to be really enjoyable, and I will be gaining so much information about the industry. What more can a girl ask for right?!

Look out for future posts about about  the wonderful online fashion store Asos and maybe great deals coming up! 

Stay Tune,



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