A New Year


I am finally  back at my University and I cannot wait for the year to start. This week I am taking part in rushing in the Greek Community within my school! So I trying to find  the right sorority that fits me.

If some of you may not know what rush is through a University well here is my brief explanation of it. Rushing is a recruitment week within sororities where students are able to go to each chapter and see which one is right from them. This can be by seeing yourself living there, becoming best friends with the girls, anything that makes you feel like a “home away from home”. It is a week process of seeing which chapter is right for you then at the end if the chapter likes you and you like them then… you get a bid and become a new member of that chapter’s sisterhood!

Each day you must dress in a certain outfit like business casual one day, casual, cocktail another day! Which I love because it gives me a reason to dress up and wear my heels.

Also, the main reason that I am rushing is to get to know more people within the university, get more involved, and to get a great life changing experience out of it (in a good way).


I will not be able to do daily posts this week because of my part in rushing. But do not worry! By the end of next will I will be doing posts of my experience of rushing. Then of course my outfits that I wore each day!

Following that at the end of the week I will post the what my final result was and if I got chosen for a chapter!

Have you ever rushed before? How did you dress up to describe your personality to the other chapters? Did you wear a statement necklace or your favorite earrings? 

Comment Below and We Can Discuss

See you guys soon! 




2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Ahh good luck with Recruitment! I was in a sorority at my school, and it really was a great experience. I know Rush can sometimes get stressful, but just enjoy it and be yourself! And definitely wear what you feel comfortable/confident in, because (as someone who’s been on the other side of rush and been in charge of it) that matters much more and makes all the difference! Best of luck!

    xx, Cassie

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