Night Life


This is a post about my adventure yesterday. It was so eventful that I had to write two posts about it!

After my shopping adventure and finding great deals on clothing. Not to mention getting a free penny board with a purchase of my Vans. My family and I headed back to the resort to get ready for dinner.

Shoes- Vans

Shoes- Vans

At night I went to a steakhouse for dinner. So I decided to stick with the whole button up and shorts trend (last post) in my evening outfit. I wore a black and navy button up sleeveless top and with cream lace shorts. Both of them are from Urban Outfitters. Then for shoes I am wearing my silver flats from Nordstrom Rack and Betsey Johnson mix and match earrings.

Here is my evening outfit


Top- Urban Outfitters

Top- Urban Outfitters


Shorts- Urban Outfitters

Shorts- Urban Outfitters


Shoes- Nordstrom

Shoes- Nordstrom


Earrings- Betsey Johnson

Earrings- Betsey Johnson



Here are some extra photos from my adventure yesterday. Also, my family and I went to a disco called Coco Bongo! They played music from old school, current, salsa, R&B, techno, and house. There were flying acrobatics, conga lines, stroke lights, D.Js., dancers, everything. There were people reenacting and dressing like Beyoncé, Madonna, LMFAO, Michael Jackson, and a tons more. This was one of the funnest nights I had here so far. Cancun knows how to throw a fiesta!




P.S. Don’t forget today is Teen Vogue’s Back-To-School Saturday shopping event! Use your Insider App to find what stores will be hosting the event! Also, use the #btss and Instagram your great purchase!



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