#BTSS Video Fun

Hey Guys! 

As I announced before, I am one of the Teen Vogue’s Back-to-School Saturday Brand Ambassadors (mouthful). Which means my job is to promote and get the word out there of this amazing event! 

Just a reminder it is on August 10, only 4 more day!! Teen Vogue declared it the National Back-To-School Shopping day where you can score great deals and find awesome stuff. Either find necessities for your dorm, school, or wardrobe. There are so many stores and brands that are taking part in this event that it will be hard not to join in and shop till you drop!


Teen Vogue has also done a lot of videos on its Youtube channel which features a trailer for BTSS. Then there is some other video series like Breakfast with Bevan ( the Style Features Director of Teen Vogue) where he has brunch with people in the fashion industry and interviews them. When I saw the first episode of Breakfast with Bevan, I laughed so hard based on how funny he is! There is also a video series of 3 Steps To… Which is a how to for beauty. Also, another series called Fashion At Work. This series is getting the insight in the fashion industry from successful designers, bloggers, creative directors, anyone in the fashion industry basically. Where they talk about their journey and give tips for people who want to work in Fashion.

If you are a YouTubber fanatic like me then you have to check it out! There are so many videos that you can learn new things and gain inspiration from. Not to mention there are videos of interviews with whomever is on the cover of the magazine issue (One Direction cough cough).

Do not forget to download Teen Vogue’s Insider App to stay connected with the Back-to-School Saturday event and anything within Teen Vogue!

Teen Vogue Insider

Want to find out more about Teen Vogue? Follow them on some of their social media! 

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Instagram: @TeenVogue

Tumblr: Teen Vogue





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