Good Vibes


There is only one word to say about one of the biggest music festivals in Chicago: LOLLAPALOOZA .

If some of you may not know what this musical gathering is. Well it is an annual three-day music festival with hundreds of bands. That range from local all the way to the big time.

I had the privilege to attend this amazing festival. There are no words to describe what I experienced there. Everyone was so chill, the mood was very positive, and everything felt like an adrenaline rush.

The bands that were there were:


Basically the whole street from Monroe to Roosevelt street was closed to host this event ( busiest roads in Chicago). There were different stages across the area for each band to perform. So you were able to go and see different bands at the same time. It was so awesome to walk in the middle with fellow music lovers on the busiest roads in Chicago.

There were more than 100,000 people who attend Lolla. Just imagine listening to the music and jamming out with fists in the air in the middle of that whole crowd. There was crowd surfing, water being squirted, and tons of dancing. Which the lead singer of Imagine Dragons crowd surfed!

Also at Lollapalooza there were free stuff being given away and a lot of activities to do. For instance, MINKPINK was giving away fans then Samsung gave tokens so you can win prizes.

Not to mention seeing how everyone expressed their music love in different styles! There were hipster style, frat, costume, hard cord fan represent, flower crowns, goth, and so much more. I saw a lot of high-waisted shorts, crop tops, bro tanks, overalls, Spiderman costume?, and of course VANS. All in all, everyone was in free-spirited dressed in preparedness of what Lolla had in store.


Lolla did not disappoint for summer 2013. The bands were so good as in giving it them all ( Lana Del Ray was just perfection). Also, being in that environment with fellow fans created memories to last forever. Now I understand why people from all around the world come to this worth wild three-day event.

I definitely suggest to go at least to one Lollapalooza in your life. Either Coachella, Electric Forest, or just a music festival in your town. You will come out a new person and basically live life!

Here are some of my pictures of me at Lolla

IMG_3808 IMG_3793 IMG_3760 IMG_3762 IMG_3759 IMG_3638 IMG_3726 IMG_3783 IMG_3812 IMG_3779 IMG_3667 15661_10201781986536840_1597978632_nIMG_37401000233_10201781934535540_1348750138_n 1149022_10201781594247033_876529560_nIMG_3740 IMG_3728 IMG_3634 IMG_3765DSCF3184DSCF3185DSCF3187DSCF3203DSCF3233DSCF3221DSCF3247DSCF3294DSCF3282DSCF3302image (1)DSCF3192

Have you been to a music festival like Lolla before? Or did you go to any of the Lollapalooza festivals?! If you did how was your experience?

Comment Below and We can Discuss

P.S I will be leaving to Mexico tomorrow so I will not have internet access. But where I am staying at does then I will blog away on my outfits and what is happening there!



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