All Dolled Up

Hello and Happy August! 

I cannot believe that it is already August! Can you? 

It feels like just yesterday I came home from college to start my summer break. Now it is getting ready to head back to college and start a whole new year! Also, I am rushing for a sorority at my school. So I will be leaving a week early than all my friends at home to go back to campus town! Which is pretty sad that I only have about 15 days left of summer.

On the bright side, I have 15 days to live up my summer 2013 and end with a bang!

I have always been fascinated by retro or pin up looks. Like from the Pink Ladies in Grease with their flair poodle skirts.

 So to start of the month of August, I am wearing a cute cutout dress from Forever21 that is stripped with light blue and white. Which I love this dress because it is so fun based on the bold strips and the flair on the bottom! I feel like I should be in a old retro movie for some reason… Also, I accessories it with light pink and gold earrings also from Forever21. Then finishing it up with white sandals from Nordstrom BP, Betsey Johnson bracelet, and little bracelets from Forever21.

Make sure to download the Teen Vogue Insider App to score great deals and enter for prizes on their Annual Back-To-School Saturday event on August 10! Only 8 more days. 


Dress- Forever21

Dress- Forever21




Earrings- Forever21

Earrings- Forever21


Bracelet- Betsey Johnson

Bracelet- Betsey Johnson


Bangle and Bracelet- Forever21

Bangle and Bracelet- Forever21


Shoes- Nordstrom BP

Shoes- Nordstrom BP


How are you dressing for August? Are you trying a new style or trend? Also, what kind of things or events do get inspiration from for your wardrobe?

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to Lollapalooza! So there will be future posts about my experience there from the fashion to the music!



3 thoughts on “All Dolled Up

  1. I just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check out my site! Followed btw xx I am in love with that dress!!

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