And We Dance All Night


Today was the official release of the talented European pop band One Direction’s music video, Best Song Ever.

The “Best Song Ever” song, is featured into the One Direction movie “This is Us”.  Also, the song is the first single that will be in the British boy band’s third album. “Best Song Ever” is very catch. Definitely a summer song to blast, sing along, and dance with friends. Not to mention it is already a hit on the iTune charts reaching to #1 all over the world!

The music video is seriously one of the most funniest and contagious videos that I have seen. I have been replaying it nonstop! In the video the boys are in a meeting office in Hollywood with some executives. The executives are pitching the pop stars with ideas for the band’s image. The boys do not agree with on how they want to change them, so they go into who they feel they are. There are movie clips  featured from the “This is Us” in the music video as well.

Also there is a twist in the video, each band member has an alter-ego that they dress/act out in “Best Song Ever”. For instance, Zayn Malik is featured as a woman in this! So they get to test out their acting skills, which they did a very good job! Not to mention the boys are dancing in the video, now you can say they are TRIPLE THREATS.



As a fellow Directioner myself, this was worth the wait and the teasers for the release of the music video. This is such a cheeky video that you cannot help but laugh as well as smile.

“Best Song Ever” has the Best Music Video ever

Here is the famous music video, Enjoy!

Tell me what you think of the video?



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