The 5 W’s on It’s Jess

Hello There! My name is Jess and I just wanted to share a little bit about myself and my new blog.Bow Tie it up

From the Who, What, When, Where , and Why

I am an Apparel Merchandising and Design major with a minor in Advertising. I am from a small suburban town,but my mind is on the city. Luckily I only live a short distance away from the wonderful windy city that is called, CHICAGO! Yes, home of the Blackhawk,Cubs, deep dish pizza, and of course one of fashion’s main cities. I was also a competitive dancer since I was three, so I was trained in Ballet, Contemporary Tap, Hip-Hop, and all that Jazz. Needless to say I was around a lot of pretty costumes ,and amazing dancer that influenced me to get into fashion.

Glory Days of Day

Glory Days of Day

My partner in crime in fashion ( me on the right)

My City

The purpose of this blog is just to show you some trends,tips,styles, and anything really related to fashion that I come upon. Then I am into music concerts and festivals, so I want to give my input on bands and what is good. I travel a lot! So I decided to document what I come across or whom I come across that I feel like people would be interested in.

All in all, I hope you guys enjoy what comes in store for my blog!




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